Hodder & Stoughton

Sales Conference 2014


Each year Hodder & Stoughton put on a

Sales Conference inviting over 250 guests to an evening showcase of the years’ newest titles and biggest releases.


Being the third conference I had been briefed to design for, I was asked to step-up by working on the Art direction as well as the usual branding. The evening was called ‘Night of the Storytellers’ as we really wanted to highlight our many film tie-ins of that year. I created a custom typeface design which was based on show lights, the printed materials utilised the typeface and involved hole-punching where possible to reveal a hidden spot colour.


Alongside this was an animated logo design in which the logo was slowly lit-up from behind. We worked with The Production Bureau who were tasked with creating set pieces for the venue which used the custom typeface and could have a light shone behind them.


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